Sands of Time

The Prince's epic begins with his assistance in the assault on the Maharajah of India. In an effort to impress his father, King Shahraman, the Prince sought out the Maharajah's treasure vaults (with the help of the Maharajah's duplicitous Vizier) and discovered the Hourglass and Dagger of Time which were both claimed as spoils of war (along with the Maharajah's daughter, Princess Farah).

Later, while presenting their trophies in Azad, the Vizier fooled the Prince into releasing the Sands of Time from within the Hourglass of Time, which converted the people of Azad into sand creatures. The Prince, the Vizier and Farah were protected from this curse thanks to the magical artifacts they carried (the Dagger of Time, the Vizier's Staff and Farah's Medallion).

Princess Farah informed the Prince that he must use the Dagger of Time to replace the Sands of Time within the Hourglass of Time and so the Prince set out to put things right. In pursuit of the Hourglass, the Prince battled his way through the kingdom of Azad, slaying sand creatures (frequently with the help of Princess Farah and her bow). Ultimately, the Prince faced off against the evil Vizier and smashed the Hourglass of Time with the Dagger of Time, reverting the kingdom of Azad to its previous condition… and effectively erasing the events of the game altogether.

The Prince: Desperate to gain favor and prestige in the eyes of his father, the Prince is brash and somewhat reckless. He has a cavalier attitude even in the face of staggering peril, and even the most dangerous situations are often met with jokes and witty barbs. He is, however, nothing if not tenacious, and this defining quality is demonstrated repeatedly throughout the Sands of Time series.

Princess Farah: Beautiful and independent, Princess Farah is a formidable match for the Prince's razor wit and an able archer. Her small stature (relative to the Prince) enables her to squeeze through small cracks to areas the Prince would not otherwise be capable of reaching. Over the course of Sands of Time, the Prince and Farah form something of a romantic relationship, although, due to the time-reversal that concludes Sands of Time, she doesn't remember it.

The Vizier: Cruel and calculating, the Vizier was supposedly in service to the Maharajah of India, but betrayed his master to King Shahraman in exchange for first pick of the Maharajah's treasure. Denied his prize by King Shahraman's capricious whim, the Vizier set in motion a plot of extraordinary malevolence with grave consequences for the Prince, Princes Farah and all of Azad.

Sands of Time is set in a fictional realm called Azad, though several actual cities bear the name. It is a desert kingdom of considerable wealth and prosperity, boasting luxurious baths and sturdy ramparts. A distinct feature of Azad is the Sultan's Menagerie, which contains exotic animals from around the world. Also notable are the fountains scattered about Azad, which offer fresh water with surprisingly restorative properties.

The Forgotten Sands

Fresh from his adventure in Azad, King Shahraman sent the Prince to go and stay with the Prince's brother Malik. When the Prince arrived at his brother's kingdom, he found it besieged by an army of vicious warriors. With his defenses deteriorating rapidly, Malik chose to unleash the Sand Army despite the Prince's strident warnings that meddling in such magic typically has unexpected and unfortunate consequences.

Of course, upon releasing the Sand Army, Malik discovered that he had also set free an evil Djinn… the Ifrit named Ratash. Although the Sand Army made short work of the attackers, it also turned the people of Malik's kingdom into sand, freezing them in place like sculptures. Malik and the Prince were spared this fate since they possessed the two halves of the magical key that opened the seal that held the Sand Army.

Determined to correct the horrifying consequences of his brother's folly, the Prince ventured deeper into Malik's kingdom in search of some way to reverse its fate. He discovered the Djinn Razia, ancient leader of the Marid and aid to King Solomon himself. It was she who locked Ratash and his Sand Army within the treasure vaults and she vowed to assist the Prince in capturing and imprisoning him once again… however, she cautions that Ratash should not be killed, as this would have dire consequences.

During the quest to reunite the two halves of the medallion, Malik (who does not heed the Prince's warning to leave Ratash unharmed) falls prey to Ratash's vile magic and the Prince is faced with a difficult and painful dilemma.

The Prince: Humbled only slightly by his perilous adventures in Azad, the Prince is becoming a bit wiser and gaining a newfound wariness of mysterious magical items. His trademark carefree attitude belies the true impact of the events in Azad and the loss of Princess Farah. Still, he remains resolute in his quest to impress his father and helping to defend his brother's kingdom would be just the thing to accomplish that goal.

Malik: Beloved ruler of his people and a skilled general, Malik has attained a rank his brother can only yearn for. Yet, within the high walls of his kingdom, Malik revels in opulence as demonstrated by his copious flaunting of the precious water that breathes life into an otherwise parched desert. Left with no other possible option, Malik is tempted by the legends of the ancient power of the Sand locked in the heart of his treasure vault… but will it be the savior of his people or the doom of his kingdom?

Razia: Queen of the Marid, who are water elemental Djinn, Razia has watched over Malik's kingdom for millennia… long before it was Malik's kingdom, in fact. She is the Guardian of the Waters and an ally to King Solomon, but much has changed in the lands she once watched over. Her old nemesis Ratash has been awakened and released from his prison, so once again Razia must confront him in an attempt to stop his nefarious machinations.

The Forgotten Sands is set within a non-specific mythical desert kingdom ruled by the Prince's brother Malik. The kingdom's architecture is loosely based on that of the Mughal style developed by the Mughals in the 16th and 17th centuries in what is now India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Mughal architecture is characterized by Chattris (elevated pavilions topped with domes), Chhajja (extended, overhanging eaves) and Jali (perforated stone or latticed screens) and several examples of these features can be found within Malik's kingdom.

Warrior Within

Warrior Within begins seven years after Sands of Time, with the Prince hunted by the Dahaka. Since the Prince had meddled with time, the Dahaka, as the guardian of the timeline, was sent to deliver the Prince to his rightful death. During his seemingly endless flight from the Dahaka, the Prince encountered an old wise man who told him of the Island of Time, the source of the Sands of Time. The Prince embarked on a journey to the Island of Time to search for the Empress of Time in the hopes of somehow removing the Sands of Time from existence and nullifying the Dahaka's claim on his life.

Upon arriving at the Island of Time, the Prince rescued a woman named Kaileena who described a method by which the Prince could find the Empress of Time. The Prince found the Empress of Time and killed her, but this did not un-make the Sands of Time as he expected, but instead created them as the Sands of Time were actually made from the Empress's remains in the first place!

The Prince then found the Mask of the Wraith, which allowed him to exist in the same time period as his former self, but also turned him into the Sand Wraith. He then revisited the moment that the Dahaka killed his former self, removed the Mask of the Wraith and devised a plan to pull the Empress from the past into the present… but, as usual, things did not go according to plan.

Characters -

The Prince: Hunted and desperate, the Prince is a changed man. Fully embracing the violence that has become his way of life, he is bloodthirsty and relentless. This change is perfectly embodied by his fondness for paired blades and dual-wielding fighting techniques, as well as devastating finishing moves.

Kaileena: The mysterious woman encountered by the Prince on the Island of Time, her fate is intertwined with the Prince's. Throughout Warrior Within, Kaileena aids the Prince in a variety of ways, offering advice and even some items to help him with his quest. Yet, Kaileena also harbors a secret that the Prince is wholly unaware of.

The Dahaka: A creature devoted to correcting errors in the flow of time, the Dahaka's current target is the Prince, whose abuse of the Sands of Time cannot be overlooked. Ruthlessly tracking the Prince, the Dahaka is a formidable adversary that seeks to erase the Prince from this plane of existence once and for all.

Warrior Within is set in a wide variety of locations from the opening scene on the deck of a pirate ship (well, technically it is the Prince's ship that a pirate ship is attacking) to an enigmatic pair of mechanical towers. In addition, further layers of complexity are added to Warrior Within due to the use of time portals that transport the Prince to different points in time, subtly changing the environment and how he can interact with it.

The Two Thrones

Following the events of Warrior Within, the Prince traveled to his home kingdom of Babylon with Kaileena, only to find the city besieged… which you'd think the Prince would be used to by now since cities always seem to come under siege around him. He and Kaileena were knocked from their ship and although the Prince washed ashore without incident, Kaileena was taken captive by the treacherous Vizier!

Since the Prince destroyed the Sands of Time in Warrior Within, the events of Sands of Time never took place, including the Prince's killing of the Vizier. So, that pesky Vizier is back and in true villain fashion, he murdered Kaileena right in front of the Prince immediately before he absorbed the Sands of Time in a magical blast that infected the Prince with a portion of the Sands and embedded the Daggertail within his arm.

In the vengeance-drenched quest to destroy the Vizier that followed, the Prince discovered his own internal demons as he dealt with the Dark Prince within himself. This begs the question: was it really the Vizier that he was after and, if so, what happens after the Prince annihilates the vile Vizier?

The Prince: After years of struggle and toil, the Prince is definitely worse for wear, and when he loses Kaileena to the wicked Vizier, his psyche nearly snaps in two. Throughout The Two Thrones, the Prince must battle his inner demons in addition to the very real demons he will face in his quest to restore his beloved Babylon to freedom from the tyranny of the Vizier.

Princess Farah: Farah takes a bit of a backseat in this adventure… at least in comparison to her central role in Sands of Time. Still, she has an important influence over the Prince as his once-beloved and aids him in his pursuit of the Vizier.

The Vizier: Ravenous in his desire for power and immortality, the Vizier once again plots to use the Sands of Time to his own devious ends. Although he seems to succeed this time, his murder of Kaileena and subsequent conquer of Babylon will not go uncontested. After all of the trials the Prince has endured, many at the hands of the Vizier himself, nothing can stop the Prince from crushing the evil Vizier.

The Two Thrones is set in a mythical version of the city of Babylon, despite bearing a resemblance to the historical city, this is the Prince's home kingdom... the land he is meant to rule. Of course, the marks of the Vizier's assault are evident throughout the city and the Prince will need to bring the fight to every corner of his homeland, from the darkest alleyways to the most opulent plazas.